Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

To increase your Instagram followers, you should focus on increasing engagement (likes and comments), lasting engagement naturally leads to followers. Here are strategies for you to increase your Instagram followers for free:

  1. Use hashtags, check top Instagram hashtags here
  2. Like and comment on other users’ photos. You may get likes and comments back from them.
  3. Hold a contest on Instagram
  4. Post photos at 2am or 5pm (the most effective times to post).
  5. Promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts. Tell people what they can expect once they’re following you.
  6. Search for and follow people who are using popular hashtags like #followme and #likeforlike. Many will follow you back!
  7. Remember that quality beats quantity. Edit your account to leave only the best images.
  8. Use the Mayfair filter. According to Track Maven’s Fortune 500 Instagram Report, it's the single most effective filter for marketers.
  9. Make sure your bio is complete. Include relevant keywords and hashtags, and a link back to your site. But don't spam!
  10. Ask questions in the captions of your photos. This is a great way to increase engagement.
  11. Use calls to action in your photo captions. Get your followers engaged by asking them to take further action (e.g., "Let me know what you think in the comments").
  12. Follow your suggested users
  13. Use geotagging, especially if you’re a local business.
  14. Combine multiple photos into a collage for maximum engagement.
  15. Ask an influencer to mention or tag your product.
  16. Tag people in your photos when relevant.
  17. Build a community using a special hashtag.
  18. Tell a story. Use your image captions to tell an engaging story
  19. Use quotes.
  20. Be consistent!

You still can view Instagram online without login using our "Instagram viewer".

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