The Tirupati Balaji temple which lies on the Tirumala hill town of Tirupati lying in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India is one of the richest and biggest gold reserve centers of the world. The temple is so popular that thousands of people visit it just for a little glance of the god 'Venkatesh' who is also known as 'Balaji' who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Almost each and every devotee who visits this temple donates something to the temple in the form of cash, gold, diamonds, ornaments, jewellery, precious and valuable items in the temple 'hundi'. Thus there is a particular department of temple handling this and big machines are installed in the temple to collect and track donations from the devotees.

Donating hair in Tirupati is considered as a goodwill and thus the place is one of the biggest suppliers of hair for cosmetic and other purposes

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Sri Trimula Temple



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    FYI people donate their hair for the reason being we are repaying the gods debt to goddess Laxmi actually,
    It seems lord Venkateshwara had taken a hair of goddess Laxmi to fight a battle with the asuras (demons) and he said he would repay her in kalyuga in manyfolds , which the devotees are doing by donating hair# hope this information is of use to you’ll

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