Hey guys check out Episode 42 of the Pool Chasers Podcast. I sit down with Tyler and Greg and discuss some about my life and how the three of us are trying to change the industry. Tune in here: https://www.poolchasers.com/blog-1/2019/4/19/episode-42-education-professionalism-and-knowing-your-worth-with-youtube-sensation-erik-taylor-aka-the-chlorine-king #chlorinekingpoolservice #poolchasers #podcast

Seminole, Florida



  • @pool_guardians 25 April, 2019

    You do have a great story. So many people can’t get out of that situation and I’m glad you did and are helping others too.

  • @scootspools 25 April, 2019

    I listened the other day and I appreciate how open you are about your family and trials. God is a good God. Also love your business insight, let’s get things rolling in Pinellas County. Thanks man.

  • @flleaklocators 25 April, 2019

    Looking forward to listening!

  • @poolchasers 24 April, 2019

    Thank you Erik! It was an honor having you on the show. Thank you for all you do for the industry!