Get rid of irrelevant details so that the essential things and the relationships between them stand out. As the saying goes, “Any damn fool can make it complex. It takes a genius to make it simple.” Think of Picasso. He could paint #beautiful representational paintings from an early age, but he continually pared down and simplified as his career progressed. Not everyone has a #mind that works that way, but just because you can’t do something naturally doesn’t mean you can’t do it—you just have to have #creativity and #determination . If necessary, you can seek the help of others.
Be open to that 🤗

A short history behind the picture-
Aim: ‘To find kangaroos ‘

How: seeking in the bushes? Walk around? Don’t give up, be determined!

Result: failure

2nd attempt

How: seeking in the bushes? Walk around ? Don’t give up, be determined! Ask people for help?
People showed me spots where they usually rest so thanks to them 🙏I could accomplish my mission
Conclusion: Be determined in seeking but remember to talk to people and listen to them. You can learn a lot😉
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