Me and Joan of Arc. 🙏🏾This grainy photo means everything to me. It was my first trip ✈️ overseas. I had an IPhone 4. I knew nothing about #traveling , taking #photos , or #blogging . But seeing Europe, especially #NotreDame sparked a passion inside of me and I’ve been forever changed. In this pic, I’m wearing the famous cotton coat I always speak about that I was freezing in. 🧥 What was keeping me warm was my thick curly hair (that does wonderful in Paris winter) and my first snow boots 🥾 that my mother bought me. The snow boots weren’t needed because it didn’t snow but I was determined to wear them. The loss today at 😞Notre Dame is troubling, such a beautiful piece of history now nearly ruined. Instagram reminds me of Notre Dame because the art was made for the people. Most people of the time couldn’t read. Pictures helped to get stories and lessons to them. This why I encourage you to travel. It unlocks gifts that you can see nowhere else! 🌍 Swipe right to view some of the carvings, so beautiful! #kenyastravelogue #joanofarc

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris