09/05/2016: the day I thought I would die. 🀣
We had arrived at Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa, in the afternoon and decided to go for a walk. There were a lot of trail options around the accommodation and we chose the one that said "waterfall" (of course!). Well, the sun was going to set in 3 hours and we thought we would have time to finish it. But no... In some point we decided to go back, because the trail never ended, but we didn't want to go through a path we didn't like so we decided to take another trail that was crossing ours... I think you can guess what happened... We got lost. But it took a while to us to realize that. And we didn't have any options, but to keep going. The sun started to set, I started to have a lot of cramps and we started to panic. But I guess we were lucky, because our cell phones had signal, so we could call someone. The problem was we didn't have the accommodation number! 🀣 So I had to call a cousin that lives in Johannesburg to tell her we were lost and ask her to call our accommodation so they would know we were lost (and late for dinner). At that point, I was imagining we sleeping in the mountains, in the cold and with I don't know what animals around. I didn't think we would survive through the night. Well, my cousin managed to call the accommodation and the people there started to look to the mountains. It was dark already and we turned on our cell phone lights, so the people in the accommodation could see it just in case we were close to the lodge. And finally they saw us and we could see two little lights coming in our direction to rescue us. πŸ™ When we arrived in our room, we were a mess. It looked like we had been lost for 3 days and not only 4 hours. That night the weather changed and started to rain a lot and getting cold, really cold. There was a storm outside! While I was warm in my bed, I thanked a lot to not be lost outside on that terrible night... My guardian angel was incredible that day! β€οΈπŸ˜‡
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Drakensberg Mountain Retreat



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