It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face and introduced myself. So hello, I’m Linda 👋
Another ig vs reality post: I live in a rv but I‘m definitely not adventuring/traveling/flying off stuff all the time. Especially in the winter, more often than not this is what I’m doing: computer work, tea and music in my wheeled office 🚐
A question I’m frequently asked on here: what do I do for work?
I’m definitely not super rich/a trust funder/a sugar baby (that was srsly asked…). So my instaresume: long before the vanlife, I started out as a neuroscientist, studying the nitty gritty of how learning and memory work in the brain. I loved the science but disliked the ponzi scheme of academia so I stepped out. I became a science writer and then switched to tech, working remotely after I moved into my rv. Now I’m a data scientist because everything = data, and data = fun (really!). I’m also wanting to do more science/health writing again because I will always be a nerd at heart+mind (and thus the intermittent science stuff I post to my ig stories) 🔬🧬
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  • @blainebelisle 16 March, 2019

    @lindalittlewing that is the plan this summer. Living out of my car and traveling Canada

  • @lindalittlewing 16 March, 2019

    @jessejansen it’s not perfect but it fits 😊

  • @lindalittlewing 16 March, 2019 thanks, and yes always ☺️

  • @michaeldesuka 16 March, 2019

    @lindalittlewing Nice, I'll look for them. I finished all of Sapolsky's lectures. But please continue with the selfies and the scenery and booty pics 😋

  • @lindalittlewing 16 March, 2019

    @konrad.maslowiec hm have considered it.. 🤔 good luck with the priorities rearrangement, it can be tough but so rewarding

  • @mural_app 16 March, 2019

    Respect! 🙌

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    Beautiful baby just beautiful

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    Beautiful 😍

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    Hey Linda. 😊 Thanks for sharing your story!

  • @shawnfromdallas 16 March, 2019

    What’s the best supplement for brain health?

  • @jump_jay 16 March, 2019

    @lindalittlewing I would enjoy dialogue with you. Still jumping or just living the nomadic life?

  • @hhobbsrv101 16 March, 2019

    Thanks for the "reality" post. I have been parked in o e and working

  • @wanderertimestwo 16 March, 2019

    i love the shot💕😍blessings from hongkong🇭🇰hope you enjoy your day and i like the portrait

  • @e_campos_2016 16 March, 2019

    Hi Linda, thanks for sharing your thoughts and introduce yourself. Have a great weekend, greetins from Tijuana, Baja California. 😎👌🏼🤗

  • @michonyogi 16 March, 2019

    Smart and beautiful from bones to skin from fingertips to toes. But are you funny? 🤪

  • @kevin.tall 16 March, 2019

    @lindalittlewing You are welcome! Your intelligence and beauty, along with your chosen lifestyle are very intriguing! I really enjoy your posts!

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    Bonita foto 👏👏

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    Thank you for sharing @lindalittlewing ! Def validates the follow.

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    It’s so pretty

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    Wow. Great story! Mine is really similar. Ex-cognitive-science researcher, didn't felt my home is in the academia, now a digital nomad doing freelance web development.

  • @alivingstone23 16 March, 2019

    And I didn't even bother to mention how clever you are. And funny

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    You are an inspiration, thanks for sharing

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    @lindalittlewing 🤓😻❤

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    @lindalittlewing my pleasure x

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    Good for you. #dontsettle

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    Bright and beautiful. Lives in a van. What a woman...

  • @sarahrrreyna 16 March, 2019

    So cool! Loved learning this about you. I also went to school for neurology but decided I did t want to do it. Nomad life is the best !!🙌🏼💓💫

  • @tony_in_the_city 16 March, 2019

    @lindalittlewing It was a question about what thing you do 😂

  • @wander_sinfin8 17 March, 2019

    So Linda how are you doing ?

  • @wander_sinfin8 17 March, 2019

    And we all thought you lived on the wing of a Cessna ready to jump at moments notice. Still a real life super hero 🦸‍♀️ 🙂

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    very good

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    Love this post. Its great to humanise IG and put a real face to a page 😊

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    hello Linda K'm Tee!🙋‍♀️

  • @divasdelite 18 March, 2019

    Great post and stunning picture

  • @rivetti 18 March, 2019

    I enjoyed reading this. And seeing you. I got my Neuro degree from USC and never used it. Stuck with tech and so glad that I did. Glad you’re living and loving your best best life. Happy to have you in Cali now😊

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    Good foor yu