Now here is something pretty cool for you chevy guys on this #throwbackthursday a very cool package that was in our SEMA booth built for a '38 chevy. Featuring an all aluminum radiator, set up for a big block chevy....but take a closer look at the shape of that water to air intercooler set up on the bottom ;) #nowthatscool #webuildthecoolestpartofyourride #whatcanwebuildforyou #boysfromsweethome #custom #fabrication #intercooler #radiator #chevy #bowtie #racecar #iceboxperformance



  • @_factoryafduramax 7 March, 2019

    You guys make the coolest stuff literally 😉 can’t wait to have my project to the point i can get you guys work on my build 👍🏻

  • @wreck_it_ronnie_rongregurich 8 March, 2019

    this was my vote during the sema display. The bow tie was the clincher

  • @llantas_y_radiadores 9 March, 2019

    guao precioso.

  • @icweld 17 March, 2019

    Here you go @383jake killer radiator.

  • @383jake 17 March, 2019

    @icweld I talked to these guys a month or so ago for a quote. Great people, but right now a little out of my price range.