Did you know you can find all sorts of cat breeds in an animal shelter? We get beautiful breeds such as Siamese, Maine Coon and today we think we came across a Turkish Angora...Vanellope (all white). Vanellope approx. 5 mos. old and Ralph (Tuxedo) approx. 6 mos. old have been fostered together but are not related, yet we do believe they are bonded. We hope to adopt them out together. Ralph needs Vanellope to feel confident and playful. Vanellope uses Ralph for amusement and security. These two love to play rough, so will need a home with older children. You should see their transformations from when they came to the shelter! Poor Ralph was found in a wheel well with a bloody nose and Vanellope came to us with a terrible case of URI, so bad it ruptured her eye and she had to have it surgically removed. The foster mom gave these two TLC for over 3 mos. and although it’s hard for her to say goodbye, she knows in order to help the next kitty, we have to find homes for this sweet pair. You can find these cuties with their pink noses, available for adoption at Whitie’s Pets tonight! #adopt #loveisadoption #kitty #cat #catsofinstagram #instacat #prettykitty #kittenscomeinpairs #adopttwo #fresno #california #fresnocounty #fresnohumane #fhas #webelieveinsheltercats

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  • @goodsitdogwalking 5 days ago

    Do you know how they are around cat friendly dogs by chance?

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  • @motherofbullies 5 days ago

    @goodsitdogwalking a small old chihuahua I believe is the only dog they’ve been exposed to

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  • @sarah__gregory_ 4 days ago

    I want them so badly 😭 but me and my whole family are very allergic 💔