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    @nissos1 @themodernferret yes and litter training around the house in general! Mine go in the cage but when they are outside the cage they avoid all litter boxes at all costs.

  • @mystic12321 5 days ago

    How big of a business is a good one for ferrets? I want a tiny business but I don't know how many co-workers a boss should have 🤔

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    @yeimisita87 @ganemix

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    @lottie_louie_the_wippets_ 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    Look at this @real__pcy !!!

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    @acarven i was so worried at first! Kept checking her for fleas hahaha

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    @nadaarraf shtrulii wa7addd🤩

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    They like to steal stuff shiny

  • @happiologist 5 days ago

    1) The food, THE food is really important, most ppl doesn’t know that some commercially available Ferret foods are actually bad for them 2) how to house proof 3) safe toys and NOT SAFE toys 4) how to clean them properly 5) bonding/taming/enrichment topic 6) How to introduce a new ferret into the pack (well you know the ferret math) 7) how to introduce ferret to other animals ;)

  • @wvferretshelter 5 days ago

    Realistic expenses for keeping ferrets. Vetting, food, proper cage, supplies, etc

  • @hippmrslinzbb 5 days ago

    Not to be a downer, but is inevitable reality- ferret disease, what to look for, and how to best care for your fuzz butt carpet shark. My hubby and i had a large male sable and he eventually passed from lymphatic cancer. He also got islet tumors on his pancreas, but was treated pretty effectively with pediapred. Long story short, our vet (now unfortunately retired) found an effective way to treat his cancer by scaling down 6 diff human chemo drugs that we administered to uli orally. He still had a good quality of life and lived 14 months longer than expected. The only known way to treat lymphatic cancer in ferrets at the time was through IV! Uli was a trooper 💟

  • @steph_tanco_la_bella_ 5 days ago

    what are the the 3 main raw meats that are best for my ferret need answers please i want my boy to get all the nutrients he needs

  • @dottieandbabsieferretver 5 days ago

    Ferrets are similar to chameleons. 🦎 In winter ❄️ and summer 🌞 they change their coat and their color often changes too. 🎨 Also, the consistency of the fur and the length changes. In winter you often have a ferret that reminds you of cotton candy. 🍭 How does this happen?

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    1. What ferrets should eat? What kind of snacks and how to make duck soup when they aren’t feeling well or to fatten them up. 2. How much play time they need? 3. The amount of baths they should get a year? 4. How inexpensive their toys can be? (My fuzzies love to play with boxes and stash plastic bags) 5. The diseases they are predisposed to and some early warning signs.

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    @audrey.elliott_makeup !!!! BABE

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    Food (can/can't have) and basic care are obvious ones. Ferret proofing a home (as if it is possible!), Proper enrichment and explain the smell of ferrets, especially as well taken care of cages/litter/pads versus poorly kept petstore cages. I feel like 'a day in the life of a ferret parent' is huge, they're a lot of work and some people don't realize.

  • @collins_k4t3 5 days ago

    @nissos1 same! mine use the litterbox in the cage but will poop everywherre but the box when outside

  • @isla_1998 5 days ago

    @sacchetta the stinking mouse thief is ferreting away! Haha always gets me too ❤️

  • @isla_1998 5 days ago

    @taytay718 i know you didnt ask me but the rule of ferret bathing is only if they're really dirty. Bathing them will not get rid of their stink ❤️

  • @taytay718 5 days ago

    @isla_1998 oh I know, they should only get one if they are very dirty or when they are shedding to get rid of the extra fur.

  • @taytay718 5 days ago

    @isla_1998 or when something is going on with their fur/skin and they need an oatmeal bath

  • @beccabeeart 5 days ago

    Definitely ferret diseases and what to look for. 😭 I know it’s sad, but ferrets do get sick as they get older almost as a rule because of Marshall inbreeding!

  • @janicedianewright 5 days ago

    Little sweeties

  • @ty_ler18 5 days ago

    How do you help a ferret cope that is losing his eyesight?

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  • @simplyloveferrets658 4 days ago

    I liked all of the comments. Great subjects, but I would add ferret proofing your house/ferret room to keep them safe. You might also add a topic of what human illness can be passed to ferrets which might prove fatal, and how to prevent that.

  • @horse_n_around_ 4 days ago

    Hardest and best things about owning a ferret? Do ferrets NEED a cage mate? Do they get anxiety like dogs or cats? How much do you spend on them annually? Why do you think people should own ferrets?

  • @ramunaskulvelis 4 days ago

    @hippmrslinzbb my ferret also had lymphatic cancer, had to do iv and hydrate her with syringe shot under the skin as she wasn't drinking enough. She was also getting seizures, had to put her to sleep at age of 6.

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    @clarej_xo HI BABIES

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    Gekke rat

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    @maaryxx_ me caso

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    @celinearraf لك بخوفو 😨

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    Thought of another! What do you use for flea/tick repellent for your fuzzbutts for their outside adventures

  • @hela_and_human 3 days ago

    Bonding please. I feel like she’ll never love me -hooman

  • @hippmrslinzbb 3 days ago

    @ramunaskulvelis awe im so sorry, it was so sad watching them fail. I send love to a fellow ferret lover! 💟 always remember though, your pets come back to you. Since uli died, my husband and i have an african sulcata tortoise and a stray cat! And they found us! Lol 😁

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    Oompa loompa doopity doo