Some of you may know but some may not. Harley has been MIA due to an unfortunate injury. So, Here’s the story: He was taken to the groomers in perfect health and left in an obvious different condition. After spending all night in emergency 🚨 and multiple vet visits it was determined that he popped two blood vessels (one in each eye) due to some act of choking/strangling. The worst part is that the groomers have yet to come forward and admit fault. Fast forward to today, Harley is back in good spirits and almost fully recovered. But the trauma of this experience is something he’ll always remember. Harley wants to give a big thank you to everyone who has been there for him. He sure is a little trooper ♥️🐶 . . #dogsofinstagram #dogawareness #puppy #love #trauma #injury #awareness #groomer #pasadenadog #mydogiscutest #trooper #loveofmylife #harleydavidson #harley #pasadena

Pasadena, California



  • @knoxdogwear 5 days ago

    Hey Harley 🐶! You're just the yorkie mix we want to connect with and feature on @knoxdogwear 💛 Send us a message!

  • @dloves3 5 days ago

    Poor little Harles! Take them to small claims ! I think you can sue up to 5 grand that will at least cover his vet Bill's! Love you Harley! 😍

  • @harleythehunk_ 5 days ago

    @dloves3 you 🐾❤️

  • @dloves3 5 days ago

    @dloves3 let me know if you have any questions?? Just went to small claims about a year agon

  • @kelliemcw 5 days ago


  • @kevinguerra_9311 5 days ago

    Love that guy 😊

  • @erinp78 5 days ago

    Omg your poor baby! I’m so glad he’s doing better!! ❤️🙏🏻

  • @cadgmoney 5 days ago

    Get well Harley

  • @jenguerra90 5 days ago

    Love you Harley 💙so happy you are better 🙏

  • @lily_girrl 5 days ago

    Wow that’s a horrendous story. I’m so sorry 💔 . Sending Instagram hugs to you @harleythehunk_ 🐾

  • @lily_girrl 5 days ago

    What groomer? I’m in Los Angeles too and want to be sure to avoid!!

  • @ozzie8686 5 days ago

    S o happy to hear things are better👍🐾🐾💘 to you both

  • 4 days ago

    Poor baby 😢 Glad he’s feeling better 💜

  • @lyssynicole 4 days ago

    Auntie loves you Harley!

  • @jayyyyb3 4 days ago


  • @mattguerra 4 days ago

    We love you Harley. Glad you are almost back to your old self. See you in a few weeks.

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @kevinguerra_9311 I love you 🐾❤️

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @erinp78 thank you! Me too ❤️

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @jenguerra90 love you more ❤️

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @lily_girl_terrier thank you so much

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @ozzie8686 💕🐾🙌

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago thank you 🐾

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @lyssynicole love you 💕

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @jayyyyb3 ❤️🐾

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @mattguerra Love you Uncle ❤️ see you soon

  • @maddieeeee93 4 days ago

    Such a little fighter ❤️

  • @harleythehunk_ 4 days ago

    @maddieeeee93 ❤️🐾

  • @maisie_and_gertie 3 days ago

    Sending Love! ❤️❤️❤️

  • @therealestateteamla 2 days ago