• @paw_sky_2 5 days ago

    Hello 🐕🐾, We really like your Instagram 🐾 and we were wondering if you are interested in modeling our products 💙Please DM us for more details ⚡

  • @bonebitsusa 5 days ago

    Hey Diego, we're a humane pet clothing brand that just launched! We think you could be a good representation of our brand, and we will give you a FREE classic Bone Bandana if you post a photo of your pet showing it off and tag us! If that sounds like a deal, click the link in our bio 😊

  • @lifeonthedirt 4 days ago

    Aww so cute 💕🐶

  • @ritamarottalaw 3 days ago

    Don't i know it......that's all he wanted to play with while you guys were away....