Becky ( @my_piece_of_nz )

10:36 PM Feb 10, 2019
Fancy dog food for our oldest boy. Who is turning 7 on Thursday. Hoping this helps relieve his itchiness. Good news is, he’s lost 2kgs in a week (only 3 more to go!) and is definitely looking happier after a week of pain killers, anti itch meds, joint supplements, ear cream, eye cream and antibiotics! #dogs #labs #petinsurance #labrador #geriatricdog #bruno #waikato @hillspet @petnsur




  • @aimz2416 4:49 AM Feb 11, 2019

    Must be a lab thing. We have an itchy lab too

  • @my_piece_of_nz 5:45 AM Feb 11, 2019

    @aimz2416 it sucks aye! We’ve changed from apoquil tablets to an injection every 4-6 weeks which should help. Along with the osteo arthritis injection at the same time!

  • @aimz2416 6:48 AM Feb 11, 2019

    @aimz2416 we just get flare ups. Our lab has had them since he was 1. Vet said the younger they get it, the worse it becomes over time. We still just have steroids and medicated shampoo

  • @my_piece_of_nz 6:50 PM Feb 11, 2019

    @aimz2416 cool, this only started when he was 4/5. Over time he should just need the injections every 5-6 weeks as maintenance but as he has had a flare up we are hitting it with everything! Including all the $$$$$🤨