A little #frontendfriday action featuring this very unique intercooler/radiator package we build for duramax swapped squarebody chevy applications! Tag a friend that would rock this set up! We do also have the capability to build a unit that fits behind the factory grille as well.
#nowthatscool #whatcanwebuildforyou #boysfromsweethome #squarebody #duramax #squarebodyheritage #motorswap



  • @benblackracing 15 February, 2019

    That's sick

  • @cordamahigadabee 15 February, 2019

    Bad ass

  • @frostyanthony 15 February, 2019

    I’m going to send you a message about costs and a build I’m doing in the future.

  • @dylan_c_hall 15 February, 2019

    That is badass but I’d be worried about it getting hit with rocks lol

  • @iceboxperformance 15 February, 2019

    @dylan_c_hall this particular unit is on a show truck so this was not a major concern, but we do also offer this unit that fits behind the factory grille for a little better protection from debris

  • @monkeymanmoore 19 February, 2019