It gives the impression that it’s completely from another planet.👽 However, these are evaporation ponds to essentially absorb potash. This is where the water is taken out, leaving the salt behind, so they can use it for harvesting reasons. Did you think it was real or fake?🏜 . Follow along & @findyourwanderlust for the travelbug🌎 . . cc🎥: @davidmrule #FindYourWanderlust . ______________________________________ #utahphotographer #utah #moab #utahisbeautiful #utahgram #utahmountains #utahtravels #visitutah #wowutah #realfake #moabutah #moodygrams #utahlife #muslimtravelers #exploreutah #awesomeearth #awakethesoul #roam #pakistanibloggers #awesomeearth #neverstopexploring #artofvisuals #forgeyourownpath #stayandwander #peoplescreative #bestvacations #beautifuldestinations

Moab, Utah



  • @strikenine 4 days ago

    Well I need this 👌

  • @aalecpeterson 4 days ago

    Where in the world is thisss

  • @travels_to_dream 4 days ago

    I mean it looks real lol

  • @marigabygallardo 4 days ago

    La perfeccion de un arte, un maestro el que le ocurrio esto!!😘😘🎉

  • @cerpa415 4 days ago

    Oooohhh, it’s a beautiful place

  • @actuallylux 4 days ago

    Why do I feel like this is fake? 😝

  • @findyourwanderlust 4 days ago

    @aalecpeterson Moab, Utah 🤙🏼

  • @findyourwanderlust 4 days ago

    @marigabygallardo thank you!!

  • @worldbestescapes 4 days ago

    Where is that place 🌎

  • @amancunianabroad 4 days ago

    It is real.. To be honest :D

  • @dvanessac 4 days ago

    Excelente lugar para tomar fotos @lux_gadgets

  • @eliercontrerasrojas 4 days ago

    Se ve como otro planeta

  • @catherine22o 4 days ago

    Tus fotografías son realmente espectaculares ! 😍

  • @diimerosy 4 days ago

    Muy buena foto

  • @leonardo_0h 4 days ago

    Oh wow can't believe it's real!! Where is this?

  • @exceptionalalien 4 days ago


  • @samuel.leonet 4 days ago

    Fantástico con o siempre amo tu trabajo !! Amo la naturaleza , la arquitectura y la cámara !! 📷📐📏🌲🌳🌹

  • @trailforlife90 4 days ago

    😍 waouh we love it

  • 4 days ago

    Who thinks this stuff up? Do you think they planned it? Neat!

  • @_.s.a.l.e._ 4 days ago

    Wooow🔝prelepa slika

  • @juan.anchundia.581730 4 days ago

    Impresionante me like

  • @raqflres99 4 days ago

    What a nice work 🙌🏼

  • @marijonavh 3 days ago

    Que increiblee, eso es arte 👏 Amazing

  • @findyourwanderlust 3 days ago

    @marijonavh ☺️❤️

  • @findyourwanderlust 3 days ago

    @raqflres99 thanks for dropping by

  • @findyourwanderlust 3 days ago ahah right?!

  • @findyourwanderlust 3 days ago

    @samuel.leonet 😀👌🏼for sure

  • @findyourwanderlust 3 days ago

    @exceptionalalien 👌🏼

  • @findyourwanderlust 3 days ago

    @leonardo_0h Moab, Utah

  • @leonardo_0h 3 days ago

    @findyourwanderlust ok thanks!!

  • @heike.wolter 3 days ago

    Real ... i've seen it last July. The rim of Deadhorse Canyon - a beautiful place.

  • @amodemivida 3 days ago


  • @vilchesg15 3 days ago

    Qué linda esa foto

  • @yureeandreina 3 days ago

    Estar ahí se debe sentir mágico 😍que increíble lugar y hermoso @findyourwanderlust

  • @duhsmartblonde 3 days ago

    I hope that's a pool! I love pools

  • @demialec0 3 days ago

    Que bello arte 😍😍

  • @luisezeq 3 days ago

    Que locura quie. me lleva

  • @zfilipps 2 days ago


  • @danielhillsmoab 2 days ago

    That's a beautiful view, and some nice found art! Makes me think about going out there to paint, it's been a while since I've dive any industrial scenes