“Cozy + smell of pancakes - alarm clock=weekend” ~ Amy Krouse Rosenthal, This Plus That: Life's Little Equations #picturesofnewyork

Upper West Side



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    @michellington007 I wish I could answer you this question, but I can’t... I can try to find the answer though... which I’m going to do now

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    @michellington007 here’s what I found: Mostly found in Brooklyn, the Upper West Side and Harlem, brownstones take their name from the rust-colored sandstone that was used to build them.

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    @opsguy2013 Right? So timeless and beautiful!

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    @lo_le_tah We need more of them everywhere! They don’t make them like this anymore...😩

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    That's where I'm from. Thank you for sharing .

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    What street is this. Could you please go to 87 Hamilton Place and Amsterdam Ave.. PLEASE . PLEASE. PLEASE...

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    Beautiful frame right here

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    No place like New York

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    Beautiful capture beautiful neighborhood 💯❤️👀🌟

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    @pictures_of_newyork thankyou so much Elena. You are such a treasure. Calling them Brownstone is SO unromantic and unfair. Sandstone is such a beautiful material with such gorgeous colour variations and shades. It all makes sense now. 💜

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    @pictures_of_newyork Beautiful shot and architecture! 😍 Where exactly was the pic taken?

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    @johanna.christin I can never tell you exactly, I love to wonder around, it’s definitely 80s on UWS... Just go there a get lost - you’ll find sooo many gems!

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    Omggg, this is one of your best brownstone shots!!! 😮😳‼️💯💯✨ The UWS is to me what the FI district is to you, so I’m totally loving everything here!! 😃🥰😁😍✨❤️❤️✨ Beautiful details and light, looks so amazing, girl!! Love you!! 🤗😘👏🏼👏🏼✨⭐️🎊🎁🛍🎂🎉🎀⭐️✨

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    Favorite city ❤️