After almost ✌🏻decades as a permanent resident in the U.S., I’m finally applying for my citizenship! . One of the application action items is to “List all trips of 24 hours or longer that you have taken outside of the United States during the last 5 years” 😳 Thank god for time stamp on pictures which has absolutely saved me! 😅 It’s also taken me down memory lane (I’ve included a few of my favourite spots here. Swipe right ➡️) and made me stop to realize just how bloody lucky and grateful I am for the amount of traveling I’ve been able to do over the years. Nothing brings me more joy (besides olives... 🙃) than exploring our planet. 🌍 . Feeling very fortunate indeed and not taking any of it for granted. It’s fantastic to get into a practice of appreciating what we already have (instead of what we don’t) - it really makes even the smallest things so precious. Here’s to more gratitude in 2019 (& me becoming a U.S. citizen?!?!🤞🏻)! 🙏🏻 • • • • #travel #travelholic #traveler #traveller #travelgram #traveladdict #chichenitza #uk #britabroad #morocco #australia #tulum #spain #mexico #izamal #petitbersac #france #countryside #explore #exploretheplanet #adventurer

Planet Earth



  • @cbaum0317 6 days ago

    Yea! congratulations 🇺🇸

  • @charlotteloffredo 6 days ago

    Um when is your ceremony so we can have matching pictures?

  • @simplysaffy_ 6 days ago

    @cbaum0317 Thanks! 🙈

  • @simplysaffy_ 6 days ago

    @charlotteloffredo No idea! Still submitting the application today! 🙊 Will no doubt be in LA but NO IDEA when! Love that pic of us at your ceremony though! ☺️💕

  • @rebeccagreentree 6 days ago

    Ahh big things! I love living travels vicariously through you! And best of luck on the process of obtaining your citizenship 😘

  • @cookiecat.herine 6 days ago

    Wow you’ve been to so many places!! And good luck with your citizenship process 😍

  • @runoneaglewings 6 days ago


  • @ortizmeilyn 6 days ago

    Preciosas todas las fotos 😍😘

  • @rulegbr 6 days ago

    Haha. Doing the same thing, came up with 96 days and had to check Instagram for some 😛

  • @daniatkins 6 days ago

    Australia misses you!! 🙈😘

  • @mj_capetown_sa 5 days ago

    Yay good luck 🍀👍🏼 👌

  • @4reignswagg 5 days ago

    Great stuff

  • @simplysaffy_ 5 days ago

    @rebeccagreentree Thank you!!!! It’s finally submitted so now it’s keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻💕

  • @simplysaffy_ 5 days ago

    @cookiecat.herine Thank you thank you! 🙌🏻 Feeling very fortunate indeed and hoping all goes through smoothly 🙈

  • @simplysaffy_ 5 days ago

    @ortizmeilyn Gracias Mey!!!! 😘✨

  • @simplysaffy_ 5 days ago

    @rulegbr Damn! You defo beat me, Mr. Traveller! 👌🏻 But, yeah, pics are a life saver 😬

  • @simplysaffy_ 5 days ago

    @daniatkins Tell Australia I miss it too and I’ll be back very soon to visit a certain bebe 👶🏻🙊 xxx