I’m gonna follow you, into the light, out of the darkness. Show me the way, tail wagging and elated. I’m gonna follow you, show me the way. ... Do you have pets? If so, who are they? If not, what would you have? Sound off below...

Helena, Montana



  • @ncortez 12:07 AM Jan 12, 2019

    14yo pug, so scared that his time is limited. Don’t know what I’m gonna do without my little snorter!

  • @tiffpeterson 12:16 AM Jan 12, 2019

    My best boy and golden retriever, Jeeves, went to heaven two weeks ago. Heartbreaking 1000% and yet I’ve also felt his love and spirit nearby...they lead us to love. ❤️

  • @torytracy 12:21 AM Jan 12, 2019

    I have a Boston Terrier and two cats (one who thinks he’s a dog). I had to put my male Boston down a week before Thanksgiving. I wanted to, somehow, magically keep him alive until my son came home. I couldn’t risk my dog going into anaphylactic shock from his tumor going berserk. I felt like the executioner when I made the decision. It was the worst day of my adult life. It was the right thing to do but sure as hell didn’t feel like it.

  • @asha_sidharth 12:33 AM Jan 12, 2019

    I have my Captain who is 8 month old boxer 😍 he has thought me how to love,being compassionate... around him I never have dull day♥️ he's my love !! Running into him after work is the best thing in my life 😍😍 I just can't imagine my life without him!!

  • @clarimel78 12:49 AM Jan 12, 2019

    13 pound 1 year old tuxedo cat named Ernie

  • @the.writerly.one 3:31 AM Jan 12, 2019

    Two cats. Catsby (The Great Catsby) and Salem (solid black adoptee whose name would be “Lucky” if I’d gotten to name him). Catsby likes Q-Tips and sparkly toys while Salem fearlessness destroys squads of brightly-colored fake mice... In another life, Catsby was a 1920’s dandy man and Salem was probably in the Mafia. Both like to steal pens...

  • @ana.stasia.marie 3:52 AM Jan 12, 2019

    my dog charlie, she's a toy poodle. and my cat chip, she's a gray-tabby.

  • @theconspiciouswriter 4:39 AM Jan 12, 2019

    I had two dogs, now one. Sam and Leah. They're my saviours, those little paws. I miss Leah and sometimes even Sam, though he is still here, snoring or barking away.

  • @livrosehug 5:17 AM Jan 12, 2019

    My 11yr old kitty boy named Daisy. And I foster orphaned babies 😻

  • @tana_bug 6:24 AM Jan 12, 2019

    Two puppersons. Jake the scottie-westie and Cookie the terrier-ist. I love taking them "exploring" when we walk. P.s I'm so glad I found you and your poetry. Thank you for being you.

  • @cri_015 7:16 AM Jan 12, 2019

    My family and I have 1 dog and 2 cats! The dog is a German Shepherd named Lilo, she's 2 and so full of energy. She likes to play with water, long rides in the car, and she likes to play with a tennis ball, though this is a special game because I kick the ball, then she stops it with her paws or nose and she passes it back to me 😂 the cats are name Ciccio and Oliva and they can't stop showing all the love they feel for their humans. We had another cat but she passed some days before I left home to go to Siena (Italy) to continue University 😔

  • @nicholinneverland 10:42 AM Jan 12, 2019

    Spartan! My gigantic, black, dream horse. 🐴

  • @p0lar_b3ar86 12:13 PM Jan 12, 2019

    I bought your book wildly into the dark, it's outstanding!

  • @istayamazed 2:32 PM Jan 12, 2019

    Shanae the golden retriever and Jacobi the black lab. Before them was Christian the yellow lab and Cheyenne the black lab. All sweeties, sometimes terrors, always loved. ❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • @berkshireloveletters 3:02 PM Jan 12, 2019

    We have two cats (Oliver and Gertrude), a Holland Lop (Emily), a bearded dragon (Spikey), 6 backyard chickens (dropped down from 32 last year, we should probably count coyotes as “pets”), and we have a 10 year old Golden named Fletch as well as a 4 year old Blue Heeler American Bulldog mix named Juniper. Juniper is not doing well and appears to have a tumor on her spine. She can’t potty on her own, she can’t walk on her own, and she seems to be in quite a bit of pain. We will be saying goodbye sooner than later. It’s so hard to lose them but they do teach us so many lessons.

  • @noodlebrain_ 4:03 PM Jan 12, 2019

    Seven overprotective and extremely loving dogs. ❤️

  • @scizzorhnds 4:04 PM Jan 12, 2019


  • @lovely.fawkes 4:04 PM Jan 12, 2019

    I have a labradoodle and she’s the light of my life 💛

  • @poetry_by_el 5:44 PM Jan 12, 2019

    We had cats until my daughter started crawling and would break out in hives every time she played with them.

  • @norellie7 6:12 PM Jan 12, 2019

    @chebaby77 so beautiful. Sorry for your loss 💝

  • @norellie7 6:29 PM Jan 12, 2019

    @vanillacrumpet you’re a beautiful soul. May God bless you forever! 💝

  • @amberno2 6:58 PM Jan 12, 2019

    I've got a goofy lab/Sheppard mix and a princess of a pitbull/Boston terrier/collie mix. They are my best friends and my rocks. Love these goofballs

  • @tsveti.encheva 7:36 PM Jan 12, 2019


  • @nephilm13 8:32 PM Jan 12, 2019

    I live with my boyfriend, he has a 7yr old Weiner dog named Lola. I am not a dog person, nor have I ever been one, but she is so calm and the sweetest, weirdest little thing ever that you can't help but love her. She always wants to be where the people are (they should have named her Ariel 😂) and she is always cold so she will curl up anywhere she can find sun or warmth. She loves her sweaters and winter hooded jacket.....and when someone comes homes she is over exuberant to see them, but just long enough for some pets and love, then back to her sun or whatever she was doing before. Oh, and she loves to race in the Weiner Dog races....🤣🤣🤣 But if I had my choice of pets, personally I have always wanted a Savanah Cat, F1 class, which is mostly Serval, African wild cat. Alas I will never have one for two reasons, my other half is horribly allergic to cats and the one I really want is over $20k....I can't ever justify paying that much for an animal 🙄......so I snuggle with his pup😉

  • @koabliss 9:09 PM Jan 12, 2019

    @chebaby77 Wow! Amazing how they are to us other beings! My Koa was on another island, Kauai, with his best hooman buddies when he decided to run his last run and lay in the middle of this beautiful property that he often visited, with his other four legged buddies around, sadly I was on another island, the Big Island, he was gonna be 14. He passed 2 yrs ago. Weird thing I thought during that time was, he knew I was coming the next day, that was our routine, flying to where he loved and i would meet him a day after, if we didnt fly together - I asked myself "why didnt he wait for me?" And my buff told me, "he didnt want to see u cry". I love your share, thank you! #missmykoa

  • @koabliss 9:12 PM Jan 12, 2019

    @koabliss meant my bff 🙆‍♀️

  • @_brittneythomas 9:55 PM Jan 12, 2019


  • @viafinnn 11:05 PM Jan 12, 2019

    Bonita, my beautiful Belgian Shepherd from Mexico and Coco the Maine Coon cat from Maine

  • @dshanlon 1:09 AM Jan 13, 2019

    Currently puppy-less, miss my loves, but would never trade a moment of memories! Even when one decided to eat the side of the house - lol, I'll keep that memory too 🐕💕

  • @tinalynn717 2:46 AM Jan 13, 2019

    2 sweet Golden Retrievers.. Millie and Murphy!! My little angels!!!

  • @teddddyyyyyy 5:24 AM Jan 13, 2019

    I've got a box turtle, a hedgehog, and rat. 💛

  • @kerithredgold 6:10 AM Jan 13, 2019

    I have two rescue pups. One has 3 legs. I have 6 rescue cats. Feeder goldfish and snails. A super happy animal sanctuary.

  • @kerithredgold 6:13 AM Jan 13, 2019

    I rescued a one eyed abused boy and named him Leo. He was the best thing that ever happened to me.♥️ He passed away in October. I’m so glad you have a Leo to help you through life.

  • @chebaby77 6:48 AM Jan 13, 2019

    @koabliss (((Koa❤)))

  • @chebaby77 6:49 AM Jan 13, 2019

    @norellie7 ((Thank you🌹))

  • @_vivalaviv_ 7:43 AM Jan 13, 2019

    @kerithredgold I love this. Thank you for reaching out ❤️ I’m sure your Leo was a great dog too.

  • @upstart.crow 9:48 AM Jan 13, 2019

    An island of perfect misfits: 4 dogs, a rabbit, 2 cats, and anyone else with an empty belly that may come calling. Dream pet: a cow. For no purpose other than to just be for all of her days.

  • @kelseylocurtis 9:59 AM Jan 13, 2019

    Great Dane 🙏🏼 @jackdobinsongrange

  • @urska_povodna 10:02 AM Jan 13, 2019

    Nana, the scruffiest terrier mix rescue. Also, the sweetest girl in the world.

  • @sarahagha_ 6:22 PM Jan 14, 2019

    I've many cats. The one closest to me died a year ago. And I've always wanted to have dogs too and horses and tigers as pets. Animals are the purest creatures.