What an INCREDIBLE light display. The Clifton Mill recently won ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight, and you can see why from this photo. 🎄✨ //📸➡️ @inthe216 // #ohio #cliftonmill #christmas #holiday #christmaslights #beautiful #christmasdecor



  • @kmkropf76 3 days ago

    4 million lights

  • @judyantonio_30 3 days ago

    Very pretty

  • @arlenemarydavis 3 days ago

    Another reason to enjoy the Cleveland area!

  • @thiggy.1976 3 days ago

    Pictures do it no justice. You need to see in person

  • @cynthia_s_ostrunic 3 days ago


  • @hjermarie 3 days ago

    I was so excited I knew that was close around somewhere. Yeah it was an amazing show. Another good win for Ohio.

  • @pattysbullshit 3 days ago

    And my husband was Santa that delivered Carter Oosterhouse and the trophy to Clifton Mill! It was a blast to film. And Anthony and Jessica at the Mill are such sweet people. Definitely worth the drive from Cleveland!

  • @_curlyfitness 3 days ago

    where is this @mdotscott23 @meta_retta @messyfit_ ?

  • @messyfit_ 3 days ago

    @_curlyfitness my old boss was a contestant on that show!

  • @mdotscott23 3 days ago

    @_curlyfitness its near Columbus I think

  • @_mbwho 3 days ago

    @connor.hoop closer to you I think!

  • @777_boeing_737 3 days ago

    Got to see this every year when I was a student @cedarville university! Always amazing!

  • @777_boeing_737 3 days ago

    @_curlyfitness take 70 west out of Columbus, get off at the RT 72 exit near Springfield..go south about 15 minutes and you’ll be there in Clifton!

  • @lisafortunecreeden 3 days ago


  • @wcnemeth.usa 3 days ago

    @aprilamesn let’s go see

  • @hewitt_deborah_ 3 days ago

    Words can’t describe...a must see!!!