SELF CONVERTERS: How did you insure your vans after converting them to campers? When we bought the horizon she was already registered as a motorhome so that’s one hurdle we haven’t jumped yet. Share your insight! . . . . . #vanlifemovement #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifers #projectvanlife #vanlifeproject #vanlifediaries #optoutside #campervan #campervanlife #vanbuild #wanderlust #sprintervan #rvlife #nomad #travel #diy #offgrid #theglobewanderer #vanlife #travelwithme #traveldeeper #roundtheworld #traveladdict #travelmore #mountains #hike #backcountry #govanmoment #nationalforest #yosemite

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  • @ramblin_randi_jo 10:38 PM Nov 14, 2018

    In CA I just had to go to a highway patrol office. We converted an ambulance to an Rv. He just came out and looked at it and signed a paper that I had to return to the dmv. I think you can do this at the dmv office with an inspection from a dmv worker but there was some problem with my vin.

  • @roaminginavan 10:39 PM Nov 14, 2018

    Our original insurance dropped us because of the conversion so we did some research and found the one company that actually covers custom van conversions and full time living in them. Our insurance is through National General and we put a cash value on the van and our posessions. They approved and we now pay a fair price each 6 months for it. No title change needed!

  • @_onthehorizon 10:47 PM Nov 14, 2018

    @ramblin_randi_jo something tells me it’s not that easy where we are registered lol but I have heard some states require hardly anything. So lucky!

  • @_onthehorizon 10:49 PM Nov 14, 2018

    @roaminginavan that sounds pretty awesome! How have they treated you like have you had any claims? and what state are you in?

  • @roaminginavan 10:56 PM Nov 14, 2018

    @_onthehorizon We're in WA state, and no claims yet (other than our windshield). Its the only place we could find that would do it, and so far so good.

  • @_onthehorizon 10:58 PM Nov 14, 2018

    @roaminginavan well that’s really awesome I’m happy someone has a success story lol! And thanks for the info im guna check em out for sure!

  • @projectsprintervan 11:22 PM Nov 14, 2018

    Really enjoying the good travels 😍

  • @msothyogi 12:31 AM Nov 15, 2018

    That van is one sexy beast! @qbchef #vangoals

  • @wildeready 2:25 AM Nov 15, 2018

    Lovely! Happy travels

  • @_onthehorizon 2:40 AM Nov 15, 2018

    @msothyogi thank you!!

  • @_onthehorizon 2:41 AM Nov 15, 2018

    @wildeready thank you! You as well

  • @karen_rob_road_2_freedom 3:17 AM Nov 15, 2018

    In Kansas we have to have a built in cooking surface to be considered an RV. We put full coverage, which won’t cover much since it’s a 1990 and we will continue to carry homeowners/rental insurance that will cover the contents. I’m still looking for better options. We’re with State Farm since we’ve used them for 20 years.

  • @_onthehorizon 3:41 AM Nov 15, 2018

    @karen_rob_road_2_freedom oh interesting! Is the homeowners just on the vehicle or do you have property? How does that work?

  • @keep_fit_travel 3:57 AM Nov 15, 2018

    What a place to visit 😱📸🌴

  • @karen_rob_road_2_freedom 4:32 AM Nov 15, 2018

    @_onthehorizon the homeowners or rental insurance actually covers the contents of our home plus the contents of our vehicles. Once we are full time and no longer own a house or rent we are hoping to rent “mother in law quarters” at our parents home in Florida and fingers crossed the same rules apply. But then again maybe it will be unnecessary depending on what the rv requirements are in Florida...I think it’s funny how much they vary from state to state.

  • @_onthehorizon 4:40 AM Nov 15, 2018

    @karen_rob_road_2_freedom that’s awesome. As long as you’re “renting” somewhere I’m sure it’ll apply. I know it’s insane how different all the state laws are 🙄

  • @easygoinc 5:54 AM Nov 15, 2018

    beautiful! 😍

  • @theburlytinybus 6:42 AM Nov 15, 2018


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  • @anowi12 4:44 PM Nov 15, 2018

    Wow 👍😊

  • @vantasticusa 5:50 PM Nov 15, 2018

    We’ve found it can vary depending on the state it’s registered in, the insurance company, and whether it’s being used for vacations or actually residing in. Recently someone told us that State Farm let’s them insure the van as a van, then they added $15,000 of additional coverage for their “build”, then they insure their belongings (cameras, clothes, etc) under a renter’s policy tied to a family member’s house.

  • @ericmlombardo 6:36 PM Nov 15, 2018

    I am currently trying to figure this out. lol Perfect timing.

  • @_onthehorizon 6:39 PM Nov 15, 2018

    @always_thewanderer haha I hope you have better luck than we have so far!

  • @_onthehorizon 6:40 PM Nov 15, 2018

    @vantasticusa this does seem to be the most popular way of doing it!

  • @kahuatees 7:31 PM Nov 15, 2018

    Awesome pic 🤙🏼

  • @ericmlombardo 10:22 PM Nov 15, 2018

    @_onthehorizon It seem like it is either super easy or super complicated. No middle ground.

  • @_onthehorizon 10:27 PM Nov 15, 2018

    @always_thewanderer haha yes exactly!

  • @myglobalways 12:57 AM Nov 16, 2018

    Such an amazing way of life!!! ❤️

  • @married2adventure 1:17 AM Nov 16, 2018

    Never even focused on that part. We converted our van and typically stay 2-4 months a year in it. We did ours on the cheap so if the van was a total loss our insurance coverage would be adequate. Anyone going to be at this years RTR?!?!

  • @_onthehorizon 3:39 AM Nov 16, 2018

    @married2adventure so you didn’t tell your insurance company that it’s converted? They likely wouldn’t cover anything then.

  • @amsruedas 4:29 AM Nov 16, 2018


  • @woodlens_expedition 12:14 PM Nov 16, 2018

    Amazing view and van 😍⛰🚐

  • @married2adventure 1:16 PM Nov 16, 2018

    @_onthehorizon there is a really good thread on “cheap_rv_living” about this same topic. Keep on traveling!!!

  • @thegreatvanture 9:45 AM Nov 17, 2018

    Amazing 😍 I love your van!

  • @_onthehorizon 12:06 AM Nov 18, 2018

    @thegreatvanture thank you 😊😊

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    @lizzyfoster_ legggggoooooo

  • @derekjj88 1:29 AM Dec 5, 2018

    👌👌👌 Van envy! Awesome photo!

  • @_onthehorizon 3:53 AM Dec 5, 2018

    @derekjj88 thank you!!