#WindsorOval is done!! What has been an incredible journey we present our #BTL property at its worst, and now it’s best! We have learnt so much from this project and we can not wait for the next project to begin! Stay tuned for that one...hopefully it’ll be over the line soon! We are currently planning for a big 2019 and we are welcoming new partners to work with us on future projects! We’ve built some fantastic JV & Angel relationships so far, and the year is t over yet!! Please contact either Stuart or Charles if you would like to discuss how #HunterCampHomes help you achieve a bright and profitable future! #buytolet #property #UKproperty #house #investment #landlord #locationlocationlocation #ROI #returnoninvestment #Business #addingvalue #betheboss #wealthcreator #friendship #settinggoals #aimhigh #moretocome #jointventure #angelfinance #bridgefinancing #finance #mortgage #propertyloan



  • @mdegraz 7:32 PM Nov 12, 2018

    Wow turned out great! 💯

  • @bayafinancial 10:23 PM Nov 12, 2018

    Looks fantastic, you should be really proud of what you’ve achieved! 😊 I’d love to be involved in your next project!

  • @huntercamphomes 10:25 PM Nov 12, 2018

    @bayafinancial funny you should say this...watch this space 😉

  • @clearwaterpropertypartners 10:50 PM Nov 12, 2018

    Wow, amazing transformation! Was the kitchen damp, or is it a lot of bad wallpaper? 🙈

  • @huntercamphomes 9:01 AM Nov 13, 2018

    @clearwaterpropertypartners we thought there was a [email protected] when we purchased, however it turned out to be a leaking radiator. On the whole...the house was littered with bad wallpaper...and several layers at that 😩

  • @richmondparklondoninteriors 2:47 PM Nov 14, 2018

    Dear Hunter camp Homes, We are an interior design company that opened recently. We are happy to carry out interior design work free of charge for certain property developers/ landlords. If there are any projects, small or large, that we could assist you in please let us know. We would be more than happy to help. If you would be so kind as to please pass our name and details on to anyone who you think may be interested, we would be grateful. Regards, Richmond Park London Interiors P.s. We're happy to work across the U.K. So location isn't an issue for us!

  • @huntercamphomes 4:07 PM Nov 14, 2018

    @richmondparklondoninteriors hello - thank you for your comment regarding your services! We’d be happy to pass on your details, if you want to email the relevant contact details to [email protected] I will be sure to pass on to all who need them. Thanks Stuart