Found this on a pump installation this am. NEVER, EVER wire a salt system hot 24/7. If your installer does this they need to be fired haha. #chlorinekingpoolservice #poolcleaning #poolrepair #variablespeedpump #pentair #savingmoney #licensedpoolcontractor

Seminole, Florida



  • @lukepoolsatl 1:29 PM Dec 4, 2018

    Why is the breaker blue?

  • @castherelectric 3:18 PM Dec 5, 2018

    Needs to use a timer for salt system, and set timer same hours than pump running time must be high speeds

  • @chlorinekingpools 3:26 AM Dec 7, 2018

    @castherelectric correct. I like to run the salt system an hour after start and hour before stop incase of daylight savings time, etc. As long as you’re activating the flow switch then you’re good.