We all have one life and one body. But what do we NOT have just one of? That is opportunities to change our path and start living the way we want to. . . If you’ve been living in a place of telling yourself you’ll start working out tomorrow, you’ll actually be healthy in 2019, or you’ll get to treating your body with respect when you’re married.... I want you to make the decision to start today. . . You don’t have to change your entire life, move to a new state, or quit your job to make the change. The change is as simple as deciding that it’s time to put yourself first, because you know you are worthy of doing so. . . What ever it has been that’s been holding you back be it fear, anxiety, being “too busy”, being in a toxic relationship, or you just telling yourself you aren’t good enough, I ‘m telling you to stop making excuses and start making a plan! . . You are in the drivers seat my friend...so hit the gas pedal because time is ticking! I want you to choose one thing you’re going to start TODAY to begin your journey towards a better life and a better and healthier you! . . I ‘ll go first. Today I am deciding to not let my excuse of “I have too much to do” keep me from getting in my workouts during the week. I am going to take charge of my schedule and make sure that there is always a time for my health in my daily routine, no matter how “busy” I am! . . We’re all in this together, so let me know in the comments what you’re starting and I ‘m keeping you accountable! 💕

Las Vegas, Nevada