Yesterday, we got to say goodbye and good luck to our good buddy #dagwood as he was officially discharged from the hospital. Lots of emotions happening as we get to see this dog comfortably walk across the parking lot to his van. In emergency veterinary medicine, you rarely have a patient in the hospital for more than 3 or 4 days. Even for a stay that short, you build a bit of an emotional attachment to a patient. Dagwood was with us for over 2 weeks. It's no surprise that staff members had tears of joy in their eyes as he was discharged. A big thank you to @briannamadia and @keithmadia for trusting us with Dagwood's care and for pushing through these last few weeks. Another thank you to the staff @bend_animal_emergency for making all of this possible. I'm proud to work with so many excellent and skilled veterinary professionals. Additionally, thank you to all those around the world that were flooding the skies (and our break room) with positive vibes (and food), respectively. And finally... pet insurance can make a world of difference in the turnout of a pet's serious medical condition. Veterinary care is hindered by the cost of advanced medicine. We use all the same medical supplies as a human hospital, but charge a small fraction of what they do. Financial limitations are usually a non issue when pet insurance is involved, often for less than the cost of a cell phone bill per month. Anyone who thinks they "wouldn't put an animal through this" is vastly underestimating our ability as veterinarians to provide comfort and control pain. We can treat your pets disease. We can heal your pets condition. Just give us the chance, and get pet insurance so finances aren't a deciding factor if the time comes when you need us. #dagwoodstrong #thepowerofpersistence #criticalcare #bend_animal_emergency #goodboy #talktodagwood #datvetlife #petinsurance #welovefood #veterinarymedicine

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  • @temboandlaika 12:48 AM Nov 2, 2018

    Thank you for spreading the message about pet insurance! And from one vet to another - congratulations!! 🥂

  • @meglizf 1:24 AM Nov 2, 2018

    Keeping up with Dagwood's case was so incredible and motivating as a vet student 😍😍

  • @ladytint 2:05 AM Nov 2, 2018

    We just bought insurance for our fur child! It’s worth every penny :) Thank you for practicing Vet Med! I’m a physical therapist so I know how you really work hard for your patients! 🙋🏼‍♀️👏🏻

  • @luvabullz 2:20 AM Nov 2, 2018

    THANK YOU for posting about the importance of pet insurance!!! There's this "my dogs are young and healthy and if they get sick I'll just start a GoFundMe" mentality prevalent on social media that is quite simply irresponsible. We learned this the hard way when one of our pups presented with several masses back when she was 6. We didn't haven't insurance, but we took out a personal loan to pay for her care. I immediately purchased insurance and now that she was recently diagnosed with cancer, we have only had to pay 10% of upwards of $15k worth of treatment. I wish more accounts would talk about the importance of insurance. We have renters insurance. Car insurance. Health insurance. Our dogs are the things that matter most, insurance should be a no brainer.

  • @trooperandmoe 2:25 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @luvabullz 👏👏👏 so well said!!

  • @findingsimba_ft.gato 2:52 AM Nov 2, 2018

    Sorry if I am repeating a question, but are there any pet insurances you recommend? I'd love to get some, but I only ever hear bad reviews. Thanks!!

  • @tashagoodfellows 2:55 AM Nov 2, 2018


  • @kayla.r.bryson 2:55 AM Nov 2, 2018

    Yes, pet insurance is SO IMPORTANT! I learned that the hard way after spending $6000 out of pocket on my precious pup, Orion, who got sick and died very suddenly. Once I decided to bring home a new dog a year later, I got insurance on him immediately. It has more than paid for itself by now because he's so accident prone. Hahaha. Thank you for the amazing work you do, and thank you for offering your insights! ❤️

  • @adventurepup_leilani 3:01 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @trooperandmoe 1000%

  • @adventurepup_leilani 3:03 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @luvabullz yes, times 1000!

  • @kathysleashes 3:41 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @instaramona @docmalone00 , I also have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for my 2 Carolina Dogs 🐕 🐕 I have the 90% coverage. So so worth the $$. I don’t have cable TV. I’d much rather spend my $100 a month on my dogs to allow them the best options if they need Medical care. ❤️❤️

  • @kelfordham 3:53 AM Nov 2, 2018


  • @stevezombie13 6:31 AM Nov 2, 2018

    Thank you for doing what you do. You help a lot of animals and their pet parents. Do you recommend a certain type/company for insurance ? Something happening to one of my pups is my worst nightmare.

  • @docmalone00 6:58 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @meglizf every bit of motivation is essential in vet school! Let me know if you have any questions about the case! We want to put together something that shows how involved his care truly was.

  • @docmalone00 7:05 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @agusia_wojtus So true! Much easier when you know the costs of even minor vet care will be reduced!

  • @docmalone00 7:08 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @goldenhourdiary way to go!

  • @docmalone00 7:12 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @coreye30 I like Trupanion but there are several recommendations scattered throughout the comments!

  • @docmalone00 7:15 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @etihwyentruoc perfect example! Aspiration pneumonia can cost thousands to treat properly, and insurance is a big help!

  • @docmalone00 7:18 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @tigresslm sorry to hear. I hope it turned out okay!

  • @docmalone00 7:20 AM Nov 2, 2018

    @stevezombie13 I'm a fan of @trupanion but there are several recommendations in the posts above.

  • @scout_the_borador 12:57 PM Nov 2, 2018

    Pet insurance could not be more essential. I recently went through a traumatic injury with my pup - spinal fracture and resulting back end paralysis - and we’ve spent more than $25,000 so far with surgery and rehabilitation, which could continue for a long time yet. She is recovering but it’s been a long upsetting and expensive ordeal. Big thank you to @petplanpetinsurance. Our co-pay is 10 per cent. What I like most about them is the ability to tailor your plan (deductible, coverage, co-pay amounts) to come up with a price and package that fits. I don’t know where we’d be without them. Best money I spend. I’d never be without it.

  • @nate_e_poo 2:13 PM Nov 2, 2018


  • @megameglet 2:24 PM Nov 2, 2018

    💗💕💗🐶 Having health insurance for our pets has helped more than once with very scary, life threatening situations. Thank you for all you do!

  • @lookslikeadog 2:53 PM Nov 2, 2018

    What pet insurance do you recommend! I thought they were kind of scammy.

  • @jlynnjohnston 3:19 PM Nov 2, 2018

    Go Dags GO!!!

  • @diegosonam 3:49 PM Nov 2, 2018

    Thanks you Angels 😇

  • @hotleggz4u 4:34 PM Nov 2, 2018

    😘 Congrats to Dagwood! He did it. I knew he would pull through this because he had great care, loving parents and sister. But most of all he has the largest family ever!!! So many people coming together to pray, sending food, gifts and words of encouragement. I'm truly amazed about what the power of love and prayers can do. I love this little family so much. Congratulations to all of you. I look forward to seeing Dagwood and Bucket wild and free again. 💖XO

  • @iiidogfarm 5:07 PM Nov 2, 2018

    Thank you for all that you do! ❤️

  • @susanpewitt9044 6:49 PM Nov 2, 2018

    Thank you for taking care of Dagwood. Thank you also for recommending pet insurance. It was wise advice.

  • @knittingk2tog 9:30 PM Nov 2, 2018

    Thank you for saving Dags and giving him another chance at life! ❤️

  • @instaramona 10:56 PM Nov 2, 2018

    @kathysleashes my favorite breed is rescue, but I love Carolina dogs so much!!! My baby “Bean” looks like Dagwood’s little sister from another Mister 😄🐕😍

  • @bsaz 6:04 PM Nov 3, 2018

    I was under the impression that if you didn’t get pet insurance while your dog is a pup, you can’t get it. We just went though an expensive hip surgery on our 9 year old Yorkie. Was I misinformed?

  • @docmalone00 6:30 PM Nov 3, 2018

    @bsaz I think you can get it later in life but it may cost more. If your pet has a history of a disease however, getting the insurance later in life will not help you pay for it. It's totally company dependent however. Some are fine insuring older dogs.

  • @docmalone00 6:40 PM Nov 3, 2018

    @lookslikeadog I think getting in with a good company helps, but it can absolutely help, particularly for emergencies. Just overnight hospitalization in an emergency clinic can cost over $1000. A critical patient can take days and several thousand dollars. A major surgery may be over $5000, and if it is orthopedic or spinal surgery, often physical therapy is highly recommended and $10,000 is not out of the questions. Many types of pet insurance will pay 90% of emergency costs... so you can see there is a definite benefit there, particularly if you can't handle paying the full cost up front. Almost all emergency clinics do not allow payment plans due to the high rate of non-payment. Pet insurance is a huge help in those cases.

  • @docmalone00 6:40 PM Nov 3, 2018

    @lookslikeadog if you read the comments there are several recommendations! Trupanion is one of my favorites.

  • @luvabullz 9:46 AM Nov 4, 2018

    @bsaz I didn't get mine insured until they were 4, 6 and 7. Of course no company will cover pre-existing - and the rates do increase the older the dog. I have @gohealthypaws and I think they insure up to 14. I have also heard good things about Trupanion. I would definitely look into getting your baby insured! My girl was diagnosed with cancer out of the blue, I can't tell you what a relief it's been to have her care (which has totaled something like $15k) 90% covered.

  • @carolinecallery 9:57 AM Nov 4, 2018

    Thank you! Dagwood and you have inspired me to get pet insurance for my pup! ❤️ I hope I will never have to use it but glad I now have it.

  • @bsaz 4:16 PM Nov 4, 2018

    @luvabullz thank you for all this! looking into it today ❤️

  • @danielleagnello1900 2:22 AM Jan 5, 2019

    @therealjustintrue here🐾🐾

  • @danielleagnello1900 8:55 AM Jan 6, 2019

    @darrinbird pet insurance ☝️