Taylor Bethea ( @shoecrazy1983 )

5:22 PM Oct 17, 2018
Today’s #fallforcostume theme is #18thcentury and boy do I love it!! It’s one of my favorite fashion periods because it’s makes even me old fluffy cupcake look good 😂 This is the first dress that I ever made and wore it to Williamsburg last month. I added a new fichu, a bow and an apron and it probably has lots of flaws but I still love it!!! Jewelry: @dames_a_la_mode and shoes: @americanduchess @redthreaded #historiccostume #18thcenturyfashion



  • @prettythingsbyjenni 5:37 PM Oct 17, 2018

    You look fantastic!! This sounds stupid, but I love the blue-ness of your blues! 😂

  • @stephani.miller 6:49 PM Oct 17, 2018

    I think it's the sweetest outfit and you look gaw-jus dahling !

  • @shoecrazy1983 9:03 PM Oct 17, 2018

    @stephani.miller I ❤️❤️❤️ you!

  • @shoecrazy1983 9:03 PM Oct 17, 2018

    @prettythingsbyjenni oh thank you so much!!! I love the blues too lol 😜