Hoping, wishing, or wondering if someone will change is the fastest way to create a toxic realtionship, lose yourself, and kill love (if it ever existed). • It’s the exact opposite of unconditional love and freedom which have to exist for love to flourish. • If you're waiting on a person to change or to be different so you can get your needs met, or make you feel some version of safe, secure, or loved, they are an object and you will ultimately become disenchanted and eject, or continue to cling, manipulate, and contort to get your frozen needs met. • When we haven’t met ourselves fully; when we aren’t rooted in our wholeness, we are projecting fantasy and will not see the human clearly enough to decide if this is a relationship of loving resonance. • Look at your shit! Give new connections space and time to unfold. Integrate your emotional material so you can show up clear headed and discern if someone is able to meet you. This way your needs naturally get met without having to change someone. • There is no such thing as perfect people, but there are a ton of people who are emotionally mature/intelligent and open who will be ready to give and receive love with you, but you can’t fill up your space with the ones who aren’t! • All love. All truth. #waitforit