Mary Younkin ( @barefeetkitchen )

9:46 PM Sep 22, 2018
How is it possible to miss a place you’ve only just visited for the first time? Ireland, you carved a place in my heart. #europecruise #irelandtravel #countydown #ballynahinch #ireland_insta #belfastireland #visitireland #thatchedcottage #irishcountryside #irishcottage

County Down



  • @ginahruben 9:53 PM Sep 22, 2018

    Your pictures are great! Are you using your phone and if so are you also using any app to doctor them?

  • @barefeetkitchen 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2018

    @ginahruben thank you! Most of the photos I share on Insta are my iPhone. I typically boost the color a bit using Instaflash Pro. Honestly, I’m not very fancy with photos. ;)

  • @kurlygirl 11:37 PM Sep 22, 2018


  • @ginahruben 11:56 PM Sep 22, 2018

    @barefeetkitchen you already know more than I do cause I don’t know Instaflash Pro, but I’m about to find out. Im new to your blog and enjoying it a lot. Wish you much success.

  • @barefeetkitchen 2:56 AM Sep 23, 2018

    @ginahruben thank you!

  • @best_of_irish 10:13 AM Sep 23, 2018

    Nice post barefeetkitchen!

  • @wendygalileowhite 7:12 PM Sep 23, 2018

    How I feel about Barcelona ❤️ #itotallygetit

  • @michelleromanuk 10:08 PM Sep 26, 2018

    I understand completely!! Beautiful shot!