Dreaming big! I had this dream for years of capturing images of deep space and understanding those twinkles in the sky just a bit more. Last weekend I had another opportunity to photograph Andromeda, my favorite galaxy (other than our home, the Milky Way)! Andromeda is our closest neighboring galaxy and can actually be seen with the naked eye if you know where to look (and if you’re in a place with low light pollution). Huge thanks to my good friend @gibsonpics and the whole crew at @optcorp for continuing to make this dream possible! ——— QUESTION: Dustin (@gibsonpics) and I are talking about bringing different size telescopes with us to cities around the world to give YOU the opportunity to look at and photograph galaxies, nebulae, planets (possibly aliens 👽), etc. Would you be interested in a meet up like this or know someone who would? Please comment below to let us know your interest and what major city you live near! Thanks so much for all of your support 🙏🏼

Southern California



  • @travisburkephotography 6:29 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @will_phillipssd hey Will, check out my stories for our meetup this weekend with tons of awesome telescopes, hope to see you out there!

  • @travisburkephotography 6:30 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @greenseren8y check out details on my story, we will be in Landers just outside of J-Tree. Hope you can stop by 👌🏼

  • @travisburkephotography 6:30 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @picture.gypsy not sure if you’ve seen the details but you can check out @optcorp or my stories for info on this weekend! 👌🏼

  • @travisburkephotography 6:32 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @miss.v.fab hey Vanessa, we will be hosting a meetup near Joshua Tree this Saturday. Definitely come out if you’re free 👌🏼. Details in my stories or on @optcorp page.

  • @travisburkephotography 6:33 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @shortyfuse doing a meetup with @optcorp this Sat near J-Tree. I’d be stoked to see you out there :) details in my story!

  • @travisburkephotography 6:34 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @culturallycuriousme we will be out near Joshua Tree this weekend. I’d be stoked to see you and Ava out there :). Details are in my story 👌🏼

  • @picture.gypsy 6:34 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography thanks so much for remembering Travis, I've got a full plate this weekend but will try to get out there!

  • @travisburkephotography 6:37 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @tefilevy @mcando @awaywithjenny & @helensunjoy COME HANG OUT NEAR J-TREE! We will be out there with all kinds of awesome telescopes on Saturday. Check out my story for details 👌🏼

  • @travisburkephotography 6:39 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @andrewdboyer we will be out near Joshua Tree this Saturday shooting with all kinds of telescopes! Hope you can make it out, check out my stories for details. 🙌🏼

  • @travisburkephotography 6:40 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @dirtyponymagic we will be out near Joshua Tree this Saturday. I hope you and your friends can make it out! Tons of telescopes and awesome people. More info in my stories 👌🏼

  • @travisburkephotography 6:43 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @ohmylydia @jazzberrygoh @peterhsb We’ll be out near Joshua Tree this Sat with all kinds of cool telescopes to use and shoot through. Hope you guys can make it out. More info in my stories. 👌🏼

  • @helensunjoy 6:50 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography wowww it’s soooo amazing!

  • @culturallycuriousme 6:52 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography Thanks 🙏 I will look at your story now! ♥️

  • @awaywithjenny 6:56 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography darnit I have to work 😭😭😭😭😭

  • @awaywithjenny 6:56 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography thx for the event though, it’s going to be so amazing 🤩

  • @culturallycuriousme 7:07 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography There are multiple sessions in the afternoon. I’m assuming we can attend one or all. My real question is this... says that it’s an all night thing. Where do we go after the sessions to participate in the all night part of it? Would we be able to sleep in our car out there if need be?

  • @culturallycuriousme 7:09 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography Or is it better to get a place to stay? I wouldn’t want to drive back to OC late.

  • @monroe_creative 7:12 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography sweet! Will I be able to setup my rooftop tent in the camping area?

  • @dirtyponymagic 7:52 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography gaht dam! Well sounds like a dream, we love that spot, we gonna be in a GREAT area for the stars, Yosemite!!

  • @culturallycuriousme 8:21 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography I checked out the website. I think I have all the information now. 😊♥️

  • @jazzberrygoh 10:49 PM Oct 4, 2018

    @travisburkephotography ahhh thanks to the info and the invite! 🙌

  • @booyaboya 7:56 AM Oct 5, 2018

    We are definitely coming to see you this Saturday! We drive our RV, hope they allow us to park through the night. Will we be able to take photo like yours? Pic 1

  • @tefilevy 9:31 PM Oct 5, 2018

    @travisburkephotography hey!! I sent you DM about this ! 😉 We’re so down but wanna know the details ;) 🙏🏼

  • @ohmylydia 6:08 AM Oct 7, 2018


  • @andrewdboyer 6:25 AM Oct 7, 2018

    @travisburkephotography dang it!!! Just saw this comment!! I couldn’t make it anyway unfortunately. 😭 Had to DP a commercial in Orlando FL over the weekend 😵 Maybe next time! I seriously would love to come so much!!

  • @linconator 3:23 AM Oct 8, 2018

    @travisburkephotography did you make it to jtree for the potential meet up?? How'd it go?? Are you based in socal? Palomar mtn observatory is a pretty good location too. When's the next time you're gonna be out?

  • @astro_mom 6:54 AM Oct 9, 2018


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  • @jenna_xjen 8:22 AM Oct 23, 2018

    What an amazing photo! I’m in awe 😍❤️

  • @orlando_julie 12:56 PM Oct 23, 2018


  • @not.so_serious 5:37 AM Oct 28, 2018

    That's Awesome 😍

  • @anyaaadoll 11:59 PM Oct 29, 2018

    This is so beautiful

  • @elham_wa 10:22 AM Oct 31, 2018

    That is so generous of u guys....we would love to have u guys here...😘😍

  • @travelcertified 7:44 PM Nov 1, 2018

    Incredible! 🙌

  • @somewhere_deep_downnn 4:43 AM Nov 6, 2018

    This is beautiful, Please come to Mumbai, India... I'd love to meet y'all and have a chance to participate!!!

  • @decatur30033 5 days ago

    @travisburkephotography @gibsonpics Hi, what about a shooting session at @picdumidi in France and then in Toulouse, you would have epic deepsky images, fantastic mountains with one of the best dark sky in the world, in an historical astronomy place. After that you can do narrow bands imaging in the heart of the beautiful city of Toulouse. Let me know what you think, I’ll be glad to help you in anyway I can.

  • @sumyypa 5 days ago


  • @georgiaaa_ss yesterday

    Melbourne, Australia 😊