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9:49 PM Sep 10, 2018
🚨🚨Puppy Tinder Alert! This is Teddy although he goes by Theodore when he's feeling like a bad boy. Teddy hasn't met a hooman he doesn't think is his best friend but he's working on being friends with his own kind. (That's what happens when you don't have doggie siblings 🤷‍♀️ Hint, hint Cristina) Teddy loves to pick up his hooman siblings from school and shower them with kisses cause let's be honest 7 hours is too long to be separated. He also enjoys playing with his #tearribles toy and treats. He doesn't discriminate, he likes ALL the treats. Hit him up if you think you can help him trust a little more. He'll probably share some of this treats with you. . Teddy is super special because his mom is my best friend from elementary school and we just happened to find ourselves in the same city after A LOT of years and many different states. (We're old, don't judge.) ... #ohteddy #puppytinder #swiperight #treatsfordays #treatyodog #tearribles #pupsofinstagram #muttsandmeows #petstore #holisticpetsupply #eastnashville #nashville #musiccity #nashville615 #nashvilledogs #barklocal #barkhappy #nashvilledogs #nashvilledog #adoptdontshop #pups #dogsofinstagram

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    So cute!!

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    so cute!

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    Teddy is adorable!

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    😂 Puppy Tinder! We loved visiting you today! We 💜 @mutts_andmeows !

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    @cristinalph You should bring Teddy more often! 😍😍

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    Too cute!!