Gloria ( @caseyiramissy )

12:14 AM Sep 21, 2018
@Regrann from @nycscr - We interrupt your day to bring you this very special edition of LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING - the BEETHOVEN edition! I JUST found this photo (on the left) of our guy Beethoven at the shelter. Remember his story? He lived most of his first year of life tied to a tree with an electrical wire by his jerk owner who used him for breeding. Well L👀K at him now (on the right) that he's found love at The Dreamhouse! Sing it with me! 🎶🎶Now that's he's found love what are we going to dooooooo with hiiiiiiiiimmmmm? 🎶🎶 We are going to find him a forever home!! This 61-pound hunk is, quite possibly, the perfect dog. He's an active guy, and loves to be loved!! He gets up on his hind legs and softly leans in for you to give him hugs and pats on the head. And those EYES! They reach right in and grab your heart. Beethoven is coming up on transport on Friday and needs a place to lay his head! Can you believe someone hasn't scooped up this guy yet? You know what that means? It was meant to be YOU! What are you waiting for? Apply to adopt or foster Beethoven here: #becausetheymatter #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescueismyfavoritebreed #adoptme #adoptables #rescueme