Daniela Ebler ( @danielaebler )

2:16 PM Sep 20, 2018
Another hour and a half spent with MOAB today! 🛠️😃 I painted the boxes for the wheels and cut up the boards for the bed! 🛏️😃 So now it's almost what it'll be like ones done. Just have to sandpaper it, measure a bit more and screw it together! 👌 #thejourneyofmoab #vanlife #campervan #campervanconversion #vanconversion #climbervan #climbingismypassion #diy #diycamper

Stockholm, Sweden



  • @emeliesilfvernagel 3:41 PM Sep 20, 2018

    Finns det ngt annat syfte än estetik för ”hjullådorna”? 👍🏻

  • @danielaebler 7:45 PM Sep 20, 2018

    @emeliesilfvernagel kanske... 😋 En kommer förhoppningsvis fungera typ som sittbänk och kanske lite förvaring