Mommysammy ( @momfiesta )

2:52 PM Sep 18, 2018
In recent time, there is lot of promotions, branding & marketing for immuno boosters by Cipla. Immuno boosters are nothing but nutritional supplement in the form of chocolate-bites. If you closely look at the ingredients it has " Milk Compounds ( Sugar, Hyd Veg Fat, Milk, Cocoa Solids, Emulsifier, Flavour, Butterscotch sprinkles, Stabiliser, Flavour, Vitamins and minerals. Any milk chocolate has almost similar ingredients. Secondly, it’s not a vegetarian product because the vitamin D extraction is from sheep wool (source -amazon) Even It has artificial flavors too without any mention of which one it is and emulsifiers and stabiliser in nutritional supplement . Do we really need these artificial nutritional supplements in our kids diet?? There are many natural ways to increase immunity in children. #immunitybooster #indianmomblogger #review #immunoboostersbycipla #mummy_ka_pitara #kidstoppress #mumfie

Bangalore, India