5779 High Holiday Menu - Rosh Hashanah I, dinner ** Standing Rib Roast ** There are few roasts as elegant as a Standing Rib Roast, and if there ever was an occasion to serve one, the start of the year is one. Think of this high-heat roast like a steak: the meat is so great, you could add to it with a bold rub like our Coffee Chile or Cocoa Cumin rub, or you could go for a basic seasoning, like this one, that will always taste amazing. (You can always go with a Prime Rib Roast, which has the bones removed, then netted on -- it's a little easier to deal with). Timing is important here: if you're worried about overcooking the meat, a braised brisket, Top of the Rib or Crescent Steak will give you more leeway. But with an oven thermometer and a careful eye, you can create a masterpiece that will delight the whole table. - Shop Standing Rib Roast here: - Find the recipe here: - Browse the full 5779 High Holiday Menu here: EARLY BIRD HIGH HOLIDAY SALE: SAVE $25 OFF $400 / SAVE $60 OFF $800 -- ENDS FRIDAY 8/24/2018 #5779highholidaymenu #highholidays #menuplanning #roshhashanah #kosher #brisket #roasts #kosherpasturedmeats #menu #sale