Jesus Lezaun ( @growthheaded )

9:02 PM Aug 19, 2018
So, as we are approaching the start of the course, I have decided that, in order to be able to keep this up, I will be posting only once a week. This is because I want to have more time and go to bed without having to be on my mobile phone before, as to get a better quality sleep. - Yesterday, in the morning, I went shopping with my parents, and I bought two new books that I have seen recommended so many times. Then, I arrived home and I spent some time on my mobile phone before going out with my friends. - At night, we went to have dinner at one of my friend's house because we were going to spend the night all together. However, at midnight, as there were people partying and a club near his house, we went partying; but as it doesn't serve me anymore I went home. - Today, as yesterday I had been awake until 5 am or something like that, I have waked up so late. I have only had time to be some time on my mobile before taking a shower and then I have eaten something. The only thing I've done apart from that is to hang out with my friends, but I don't know why, I have had to deal with overthinking all day long. #onelife #today #sueñaylogra #selfgrowth #mindset #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #liveyourlife #selfhelp #growthmindset #learning #psychology #ididitgary #sylmindset



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