• @laurieg193 6:39 AM Aug 17, 2018

    Oh no, not again? Xx

  • @theralphgram 6:46 AM Aug 17, 2018

    @laurieg193 Yes, AGAIN 😣 No idea what she's done. Anti inflammatory, pain killers and crate rest for a few days and reassess over the weekend if we need to sedate and xray. Was a disaster tonight trying to get the muzzle on and check her out, let alone sedate her.

  • @breckman_magoo 11:24 AM Aug 17, 2018

    I hate the vet too. They have to give me lots of treats to make me happy or let them touch me.

  • @huntaway_buddy 11:59 AM Aug 17, 2018

    Aww what happened? Hope you get better 💕

  • @theralphgram 1:10 AM Aug 18, 2018

    @huntaway_buddy We are not exactly sure. Vet is going to check on us over the weekend. X-ray Monday if no improvement.