Crystal Phillips ( @cerzen )

12:05 AM Aug 6, 2018
3 hours 47 minutes: that’s how long it took me to meal prep this weekend from start to finish (including cleanup!). Truthfully, I spent most of it feeling pretty resentful that I was stuck in the kitchen. But it’s all about perspective. I was grumbling that I was using 3+ hours of my precious weekend, but I should have been looking at it as I only have to invest 3+ out of my weekend in order to have healthy, nutritious breakfast, lunch AND dinner for my husband and myself ALL week. Mindset y’all. Anyway, on the menu this week for my husband: @eatbanza chicken pesto pasta, @thedefineddish’s healthy hamburger helper, frittatas w/turkey sausage links, and @skinnytaste’s deviled eggs for a snack. For myself I made @rachelsovernightoats, pumpkin flax @kodiakcakes, @cleaneatsbytay’s baked oatmeal, chicken breast tenders baked in @thenewprimal original marinade and roasted Japanese sweet potato fries (4 weeks running, clearly a favorite!), tuna fish salad, and ground turkey with carrot noodles, broccoli & coconut amino mushrooms I’ll serve over @organicgirl girl baby spring mix with @kitehillfoods chive almondmilk cream cheese.