• @katy_wehbeh 11:44 PM Jul 11, 2018

    He is adorable, Tammy. 😍

  • @_tammywahl_ 11:59 PM Jul 11, 2018

    @katy_wehbeh now if only he would let me file (with a dremel) his nails!

  • @melanie_i_2013 4:42 AM Jul 12, 2018

    #didntthinkshewasadogpersonuntilshemetapoodle #poodlesarentreallydogs

  • @melanie_i_2013 4:44 AM Jul 12, 2018

    Start with a soft electric toothbrush for a very short time on feet and nails, also give treats. Do this nightly for several weeks before trying the Dremel. Or you can do what we did, and send him to a groomer so he would learn proper grooming manners before you try to do it at home as a novice, and then get completely addicted to the luxury and never groom yourself.

  • @_tammywahl_ 3:32 PM Jul 12, 2018

    @melanie_i_2013 I have a mobile groomer coming in August (her earliest appt) so hopefully he will be good for her. But his nails will be too long by then