Tony V. Coddington ( @cheftonyv )

12:24 AM Jun 30, 2018
“The greatest dishes are very simple” Chef Auguste Escoffier Brooklyn #burrata, summer melon, spicy coppa, preserved lemon and herbs. #refreshing #summertime #keepitsimple #keepittasty #thegrovedelrayfl #goodeats #delraybeach #delraydining

The Grove



  • @krichboston 12:24 AM Jun 30, 2018

    This is beautiful

  • @aphotorut 12:29 AM Jun 30, 2018

    That actually looks really too simple, like peasant food you would serve in the middle ages to your dogs. Like who “preserves” lemons, really? ...jk, looks good AF!

  • @cheftonyv 12:30 AM Jun 30, 2018

    @aphotorut haha! How did you know I was reading up on middle age cuisine? 😆

  • @chefjeremyford 2:56 PM Jun 30, 2018

    Fuck ya bro