• Excess Liability • ⠀⠀ • When analyzing where our clients stand from an asset protection standpoint - The impact of what is truly at stake in the event of an excess liability event is often, unrealized or never considered • ⠀⠀ • When truly taking into consideration the hard work and time it can take to accumulate assets and build wealth, typical Home and Auto Liability coverages are dangerously inadequate in the event of a law suit • This is true for both average and high income earners alike • In the event yourself or a family member/spouse are taken to court for causing a personal injury - you can be held liable for that person(s) HLV (human life value) • The HLV is not what someone earns today, but what they could have earned over the course of their entire life • With average limits of coverage in the $100k to $300k on most auto and homeowners plans - being held liable for HLV can completely wipe out every asset you have have worked to attain • Never mind the impact on your own family’s personal goals and hopes • ⠀⠀ • The solution to this problem and its cost - make it a no brainer when presented to our clients - 100% of the time • The reality is that most Property and Casualty agents/brokers are just not taking the time to have this conversation with YOU • ⠀⠀ • Find our more about what options are available to you by contacting @apexfinancialbrokers or use our booking service for a free consultation • . . . . . . . . . . . . #finance #insurance #lifeinsurance #cashvaluelifeinsurance #insurancebroker #wealthbuilding #financialadvisor #protection #financialplanning #finacialplanning #entrepreneurlife #incomeprotection #cashflow #realestate #assetprotection