Crystal Phillips ( @cerzen )

1:13 AM Jun 27, 2018
Does anyone else fret about the delicate balance of having just-right ripe bananas for eating, in just the right quantities? Hmm, just me? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Sometimes we go through a lot of bananas, but sometimes not so much. I usually just freeze the too-ripe, extra bananas for smoothies, but sometimes I’m called to use them for a greater purpose (usually at the urging of my husband). My favorite is @fitmittenkitchen‘s paleo banana chocolate chip skillet cake. It’s easy, it’s healthy-ish-er, and so freaking delicious! So delicious, even my husband is a fan! It feels especially decadent with a dollop of @siggisdairy vanilla yogurt and a swirl of almond butter on top. (But I like knowing that it’s really not decadent because it’s made with just good, whole foods.) 🍌 + 🍪 = ❤️