[email protected] ( @davemays1 )

8:27 AM Jun 22, 2018
2nd time training since being back from Hong Kong as I ended up with illness when I got back, bad headaches dizziness vision going blurred and just zero energy literally falling asleep all day, feeling really good now. After getting some worrying test results from hospital last week, I can now say tests results are much better, believe me I feel relieved lol, so went and smashed back last night @theforestgym ended up a little #deadlift competition first time deadlifting for months 255kgs. #bodybuilding #gymfun #instafit #deadlifts #instafitguy #instagramhub #fitspo #fitfamhk #fitfam #gymtime💪 #guyswholift #instagramfitness @dora_hardaway #letsdoit #feelingstrong #muscle #training #instergramers



  • @zoeybird7 8:32 AM Jun 22, 2018

    get it!

  • @dora_hardaway 9:33 AM Jun 22, 2018

    DAMN!! 😳💪🏼🔥🔥I am soooo relieved and happy with all that medical shit behind us 😭😘 now you can focus on the upcoming #glutes ass whopping you were speaking of earlier on happening in 2 weeks? 😂😁😘

  • @davemays1 9:39 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @dora_hardaway i do love a women in dreanland lol ill piss your glute challenge lol 😙

  • @lniren 5:15 PM Jul 25, 2018

    Super cool