Kevin ( @the_gingers_adventures )

10:14 PM Jun 21, 2018
. . . “Just Trying To Fit In” . . VERSION 2.0 . . I’d never post an overshot location like this one but this was my first time getting green airglow. . . Also, there are a ton of moving parts and things going on here so it’s quite a challenge to shoot cleanly. Planned it with @photopills . . This is a Pano Stack of a total of 20 shots. . . Just being there was awesome and saw a California Condor circling us for a bit. . . . @nikonusa D750 @sigmaphoto 35mm f/1.4 @siruiusa W-2204 Waterproof Tripod @siruiusa K30 ballhead. . . . Stopped here to check this out and take a nap before heading to the hot springs. Took a few snaps. . . . Shot this alongside @redheadkatrina @tracyleephotos and @ryantoswald . . . . . DISCLAIMER: Due to many great rad spots getting an obscene amount of foot traffic due to social media, I will not be posting exact locations of many of my shots. The usual lazy “Where is this?” questions will be ignored. The comp stomping and stamp collecting of the same image over and over and over, isn’t just getting stale and lacking creativity, it’s damaging some amazing places that need to be protected! Go explore and find new stuff! . . #milkywaychasers #milkyway #newmilkyway #nights_dreamworld #nightphotography #ig_nightphotography #nightscaper #astroscape #astrophotography #ig_astrophotography #nikon #d750 #nikonphotography #night_shooterz #space #milkywaygalaxy #landscapephotomag #beautifuldestinations #nightphotography_ #usaprimeshot #universetoday #ig_beautifulamerica #sirui #sigma35mmart #sigmaphoto #wildcalifornia #visitmammoth #earthpix #ig_beautifulamerica #photopills #monocountytourism #nightscaper




  • @the_gingers_adventures 10:29 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @__yoadrian__ thanks Holmes. Wish you guys were here

  • @ericpayton 10:39 PM Jun 21, 2018

    Dude.. killed it with this one! Seriously, bravo!

  • @the_gingers_adventures 10:42 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @ericpayton thanks bro.. funny... the shots I was on a mission to get cane out “meh” and the ones I didn’t plan on shooting came out a bit better

  • @ericpayton 10:43 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @the_gingers_adventures happens to me more times than I’d like to admit. Being all stoked to edit a time lapse as soon as I get home to find that it sucked, yet camera number 2 that I didn’t even setup right caught GOLD! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • @the_gingers_adventures 10:45 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @ericpayton exactly! I’d say it happens to me 60% of the Time 😂

  • @shelbydiamondstar 10:51 PM Jun 21, 2018


  • @seemantad 11:19 PM Jun 21, 2018

    Holy crap dude! This mind blowing !!

  • @the_gingers_adventures 11:19 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @shelbydiamondstar thanks missy

  • @the_gingers_adventures 11:20 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @seemantad thank you sir. Hope you are well! We miss ya down here

  • @tashagregz 11:29 PM Jun 21, 2018


  • @the_gingers_adventures 11:29 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @tashagregz thank you

  • @theoysterandthepearl 11:47 PM Jun 21, 2018

    Daaaaaaamn 😲🙌😍

  • @diane_taylor117 11:49 PM Jun 21, 2018

    Really good, the foreground is perfect 👌

  • @trish___s 11:54 PM Jun 21, 2018

    By far my favorite one yet!

  • @carmexplores 1:12 AM Jun 22, 2018

    I'd admit that this is a great shot and I'm totally impressed.... but I'm annoyed that "you'd normally never post an overshot location like this one" when my shot there is one of my favorites I've ever taken. 🙄 I get it. You're too cool. Haha amazing work though

  • @the_gingers_adventures 1:18 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @theoysterandthepearl ha, thanks, your trip looks super rad

  • @the_gingers_adventures 1:19 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @diane_taylor117 thank you very much

  • @the_gingers_adventures 1:19 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @trish___s thanks, it’s been a whirlwind of an adventure

  • @conejovalleygal805 1:20 AM Jun 22, 2018


  • @the_gingers_adventures 1:25 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @carmexplores sorry for the annoyance, let me explain, I think YOU of all people would understand. I say the I usually don’t shoot overshot stuff because I’m an explorer and an adventurer much than I am a photographer... meaning, most photo folks I know literally ONLY shoot icons and popular places. They make an icon list and blast from point to point getting the same shot 100000 others have and move on with blinders on to the next hot spot. They miss so much along the way with this mindset. I get it.... photography does different things for different folks, but it’s my little way of telling people to explore more and there’s more to life than the icons. YOU of all people most definitely don’t fit into that category. Make sense? 😊

  • @the_gingers_adventures 1:25 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @conejovalleygal805 thanks

  • @dustinwaits 2:36 AM Jun 22, 2018

    Excellent work man. And thanks for not posting the location. I started using very broad location tags for spots that were less recognizable for fear of them getting blown out by people. I also ignore "where is this" comments. If you can't find it, you can't shoot it.

  • @the_gingers_adventures 2:45 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @dustinwaits thank you sir. Haven’t seen you in forever. I hope you are well! Yeah, read my story on the post I just posted. It explains exactly why... 😢 glad someone agrees! 👍🏼

  • @dustinwaits 2:49 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @the_gingers_adventures yeah I read it, and I liked that you posted that. I've been well. Laying low, keeping busy with work and taking a much needed break from photography. Hopefully we can do another meet up one of these days!

  • @the_gingers_adventures 2:52 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @dustinwaits sounds good man! Keep in touch

  • @carmexplores 3:47 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @the_gingers_adventures ya, I get it. I definitely understand where you're coming from. I'm just messing with you 😝

  • @the_gingers_adventures 3:50 AM Jun 22, 2018

    @carmexplores brat! 😂

  • @brittany.lew 5:29 AM Jun 22, 2018

    Duuuuude...your shots are insane...

  • @dafunkinbest 6:07 AM Jun 22, 2018

    This is awesome. Love the purple hues

  • @jbbevel 6:09 AM Jun 22, 2018

    Stunning dude. Even if it’s a commercial location 🤣😂🙌🏼

  • @tracyleephotos 4:43 PM Jun 22, 2018

    Such an awesome job, can’t believe you put so much work into it!!! So fun hanging out; thank you for everything!!

  • @tracyleephotos 4:43 PM Jun 22, 2018

    Not sure how I replied on this thread, sorry!! Lol

  • @ryantoswald 5:19 PM Jun 22, 2018

    Yesssssss!!!! This is so epic man, killing it amigo!!

  • @the_gingers_adventures 5:29 PM Jun 22, 2018

    @brittany.lew ha, thanks

  • @the_gingers_adventures 5:30 PM Jun 22, 2018

    @dafunkinbest thanks man

  • @the_gingers_adventures 5:30 PM Jun 22, 2018

    @jbbevel hahahahaha, yeah, thanks

  • @the_gingers_adventures 5:30 PM Jun 22, 2018

    @ryantoswald thanks man. This is called the “Jameson Filter”

  • @ryantoswald 5:41 PM Jun 22, 2018

    @the_gingers_adventures hahaha I was loving the Jameson filter

  • @the_gingers_adventures 6:03 PM Jun 22, 2018

    @tracyleephotos thank you! Great times as always! 👍🏼🤘🏼

  • @ifeelthelove48 6:27 PM Jun 25, 2018

    Wow, this is incredible!