Crystal Phillips ( @cerzen )

7:17 PM Jun 2, 2018
A day late and a DONUT short (oh man, I crack myself up! 😂) It was #nationaldonutday yesterday, but I didn’t get anywhere for a donut, so I made up for it today. I’ve cleaned up my diet a lot over the last couple of years and one thing I’ve learned is that I’m definitely a moderator (google moderator, abstainer and @gretchenrubin). I do better long term, if I can find the right balance (which is admittedly hard some times), so I try to ask myself, is it worth it? And yesterday, I knew that running out to just Dunkin Donuts for a shitty donut that I wouldn’t even enjoy, just to have something to post for National Donut Day, would not be worth it. So this morning we stopped at our favorite local bakery and picked up this beauty. And, if anyone was wondering, YES it was SO worth it. ❤️

Allegretti's Bakery