• @bullterrierjack_ 4:41 PM May 24, 2018

    My mum introduced me to agility the other day and I ran away with one of the poles😂 you’re doing great!

  • @byron_blue_staffy 1:05 PM May 30, 2018

    Wow. I haven’t started learning to the weaves yet. Mummy is worried I’ll just try and barge straight through them...😱

  • @bulldozerboo 1:13 PM May 30, 2018

    @byron_blue_staffy Boo struggles with the weaves for a long time and still isn’t 100% with them all the time but we are making good progress x

  • @byron_blue_staffy 1:47 PM May 30, 2018

    @bulldozerboo It looked great to me!! Have you been doing agility for a while? We only started 3 months ago. Mummy and I were both complete beginners. Do you have any tips on how you taught Boo to do it that you can share with my mum? 🤗🤗

  • @bulldozerboo 2:03 PM May 30, 2018

    @byron_blue_staffy we’ve been doing it on and off for a while now (work commitments) we started with V weaves and moved on from there. The problem I have with Boo is keeping her focus as she loves people so loves to go and say hello! 😩

  • @byron_blue_staffy 4:01 PM May 30, 2018

    @bulldozerboo That’s bull breeds for you 😝. I am super focused - I can even resist the horses in the field nearby. But I get so excited, that sometimes I forget how to think!!! Do you compete?

  • @bulldozerboo 4:02 PM May 30, 2018

    @byron_blue_staffy we have done a few shows to get her some ring experience. My older boy is only one win from grade 7