Crystal Phillips ( @cerzen )

2:32 AM May 8, 2018
Clubhouse turkey burger from @wholefoods topped with mustard and sautéed onions, @organicgirl mixed greens tossed with @tessemaes honey poppyseed dressing, and roasted sweet potato fries. My husband is traveling for work so I’m just cooking for myself this week. A few years ago I would’ve used that as an opportunity to eat what I wanted and gone through a drive-thru somewhere or made a big batch of Sloppy Joe’s and eaten them for 4 days straight (with nary a vegetable in sight)! Instead, I kept to my schedule and meal planned, grocery shopped, and meal prepped for the week anyway. Only, I didn’t have to worry if any of it was something my husband would eat! So I guess, in the end, you could say I still see this as a golden opportunity to eat as exactly what I want!