Crystal Phillips ( @cerzen )

2:16 AM Apr 27, 2018
I’ve loved to bake as long as I can remember and in the past I’ve just put that on hold when I was trying to eat healthier. But this time around I’ve tried to incorporate my love into my healthier lifestyle with just healthier recipes. Right now that means more paleo treats made with ingredients like nut butters, coconut sugar, and almond or coconut flour and less refined sugar and all purpose flour. That’s not to say it’s just a paleo-treat-apolooza over here, it’s still a balancing act to get all the greens and healthiness in every day so I can feel good indulging once and awhile. Balance, people, balance. This was my foray this week, @fitmittenkitchen paleo banana chocolate chip skillet cake. So good with a really moist crumb and lots of loft! Best served warmed with a melty drizzle of @crazyrichardspb. You won’t be sorry.