Rocio ( @rocioeasynaturalhealthy )

7:46 PM Apr 24, 2018
Turn an otherwise boring green sweetheart cabbage into an easy tasty meal. Sauté cabbage (need nothing but the same water you rinsed it in, the pans lid + low heat-no oil). Boil some eggs for 5 mins (as many as you like- I use 4 for 1 cabbage). Slice 2 small spuds + 1 carrot into thin slices and boil. In small frying pan, fry half a chorizo ring + 2 garlic cloves. Spoon chorizo fat out of pan. Peel eggs + slice. Mix all into the cabbage pan when ready. Drizzle with fresh Olive oil. Ta-daaa. Tasty. Healthy- ready in 15! #cabbagemadetasty #chorizo #garliclovers #quickeasymeals #eggs #midweekmeals #happycooking #simplecooking #healthyeasy #keepitsimple #keepittasty