Elliss Jaie ( @elliss_jaie )

10:23 AM Mar 13, 2018
Finally made it to Goa after an 18hour sleeper train!! Walking down outside the train at 11pm last night me and Tusc were horrified when we approached the end of the train and the carriages resembled jail cells packed to the brims. Picture us, two white as fack (still not tanned ☹️) foreign girls in bright orange and pink pants having no clue where to find our bedS! Finally made it to our lovely lower class (but not general) compartment which was surprisingly comfortable and safe! I woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise and failed miserably think I was on the wrong side of the train and my phone died before I could finish the time lapse πŸ˜–πŸ˜–!! On Indian trains no fucks are given and the doors are just open all the time which is amazing to capture the views but kind of scary as helll! Oh ps:: the wonderful man strutted up and down the carriage all morning shouting biryani and samosa bringing us much amusement and filling our tummies 😊