Chicken pox has struck again!! Which means our trip to Madrid this weekend has been cancelled 😞. So another week of quarantine for us and lots of calamine lotion... #chickenpox #strikesagain #childno2 #nextfewdaysisarightoff #holidaycancelled #holidayinsurance #help



  • 8:31 PM Mar 28, 2018

    Oh you poor things!! How rubbish!! Xx

  • @epreston87 8:41 PM Mar 28, 2018

    Oh no!! 😞😞😞

  • @sarahwensi 9:33 PM Mar 28, 2018

    Oh no!!! You and holidays and kids being poorly are a bad mix!!! Hope shes ok hun. Sending big hugs to you all. Especially you, round 2 is hard!!! X

  • @rajenkins32 8:51 AM Mar 29, 2018

    Same here hun...livi got it again😔 hope she gets better soon xx

  • @sarahwensi 9:05 AM Mar 29, 2018

    @rajenkins32 oh no poor thing!!! X

  • @rajenkins32 9:16 AM Mar 29, 2018

    @sarahwensi I know...she woke up fri morning covered in them again...she is feeling better now thou and they are starting to scab so hopefully can still get out next week☺ xx