• @_crewfd 12:57 AM Feb 13, 2018

    After several vape sessions. I did have some problems before I was able to enjoy this delicious tasty vape oil. I definitely think @concentratesupply_co vapes have good flavors and nice clear highs but the cartridges have flaws. First I had a problem right out the box oil looked weird and it didn't work. Having trouble heating up and creating vape. Thanks to @lightshadehigh for changing. Got a new was working well and then it stop working once again. That's the word on the street from #tarboys #keepittasty my peeps.

  • @concentratesupply_co 1:20 AM Feb 13, 2018

    @_crewfd these are our old version. Definitely recommend the new & improved hardware! Apples to oranges comparison. You’ll love them!